IQ Drone Motor Module
IQinetics’ Drone Motor Module is a fully integrated motor and ESC package. The module offers peak motor performance at an affordable cost, bringing advanced motor control technology to the drone industry. IQinetics’ advantage comes from its cutting-edge software, which is tailored specifically to its unique hardware design. 
***Preparing to launch first production run***
Enhanced Vehicle Controllability
3D reversible: +6,100 RPM to -6,100 RPM in 0.1 seconds with 5-inch prop
No start-up or reverse jitter
Anticogging: smoother flight, reduced vehicle vibration
Position control with tunable PID 
Velocity control with tunable PID + feed forward
Power and Efficiency​​ Boost
​​​Increase battery life by up to 10%: add several minutes to flight time​​
4.8% more shaft power: reach a higher peak RPM, carry a heavier payload
Advanced Features
​Regenerative and active braking
Active freewheeling
Over-current protection
Communication protocols (serial, dshot1200, etc.)
General Information
32-bit ARM Cortex MCU @64Mhz​
Operating voltage 5-17 V DC
Output current 15 A
Handles up to 4S power
±28,000 RPM Max
2-4S LiPo
​Telemetry capability (voltage, current, rpm)
Fast FET switching , use of gate drivers
Sensored vector control with space vector PWM
Controller-motor integration
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